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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Best Places to Go Backpacking on a Budget

Has wanderlust struck you again, but you are tight on budget? We suggest backpacking overseas. For decades, backpacking has remained one of the most economic and adventurous ways to vacation and naturally an evergreen favourite with broke college students. So grab your gear, get a few good friends on board, learn how to read a map, and set out on a thrilling adventure to these unknown places!
1.       Nepal: A classic destination for backpacking on a budget, Nepal’s pristine beauty and the mountainous landscape is known to attract backpackers from all over the world who have a love for hiking. Home of the majestic Mount Everest and the breathtakingly beautiful Garden of Dreams, this country shares a border with Tibet and India. Even if you are not a hiking enthusiast, Nepal has plenty to offer. Visit national parks, temples, clock tower, and Shankar Acharya Gate. Get adventurous and go paragliding or awaken the spirituality in you with a visit to Lumbini, where Lord Buddha was born 2500 years ago. In the Kathmandu Valley, you’ll find the highest density of world heritage sites on the planet. With 130 monuments and wonders waiting to be explored in 2019, Nepal ranks first on our top spots for backpacking with good reason.
2.       Thailand: If a tropical country with rich flora and fauna, world class cuisine and diverse heritage is what you are looking at, look no further than Thailand. A stay in Bangkok comes down to as little as $20 a day, which makes a hot favourite among budget-conscious travellers. Try your hand at Thai Boxing, then fill up on the renowned street food and authentic Thai iced tea from the roadside stores. Wander around Buddhist temples and architectural masterpieces that are full of the country’s history, or explore the country's exotic islands.
3.       Jordan: A backpacking trip to Jordan may be one of the best life-changing experiences you will ever have. Awaken the nomad in you with the indigenous Bedouin community, who were the original travellers. In the ancient city of Petra, you’ll see the Bedouin men riding around on horseback. This sight is guaranteed to take you back in time and awaken the adventurer in you! exploring the Wadi Rum Desert is another experience that never fails to amaze. Whether you choose to take a camel or fly through the dunes in the back of a truck, this experience is sure to be nothing short of thrilling. If you want to indulge in some relaxation, go mud-bathing in the Dead Sea or simply take a walk through the buzzing capital of Amman.
4.       Iceland: This awesome Nordic nation serves as an excellent backpacking destination. Home to the wonderful waterfalls, great geysers, and Bj√∂rk, this tiny Island nation is second to none when it comes to offering travellers a chance to experience the pristine beauty of nature. Witness the simply breath-taking Northern Lights and revel in the unparalleled joy nature has to offer. Or just soak in the fun culture of Iceland and participate in the folk dancing. We highly recommend hiring a car and experiencing Iceland on the road with a totally epic Iceland road trip. The simple and happy life of Iceland is something we recommend every backpacker to experience at least once.
5.       Costa Rica: Before you freak out because of that one friend or that travel blog which told you that Costa Rica is the most expensive destination ever in Central America, hear us out. It is quite possible to keep your budget tight by camping, couchsurfing or staying at a backpacker’s dorm for just $10 a night. Eat at local Tico restaurants, where meals cost half of what they would at tourist spots. Because the incredible biodiversity, active volcanoes, natural hot springs and beautiful shorelines just cannot be missed for anything in the world.
We hope this list inspired you to go on a backpacking trip to all your dream destinations without breaking the bank!    

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