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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Top Sports Bars in Delhi

A sports lover enjoys a night out with friends or family watching their favourite game. Cheering every time when their team scores a point, scores a goal or hits a six, it is excitement on a different level. There are a lot of sports bars across the National Capital Region where you can catch the match fever. Here are some of the top few.

  1. Game of Legends, West Delhi
    Located in City Square Mall in Raja Garden, West Delhi, the place is located at a convenient location with a spacious layout and ideal layout for the screening of matches. And it’s not just limited to the screening, the bar also offers you a pool table to unwind and relax during the breaks to break down the tensed atmosphere that can build up during matches. The bar has a global sporting event and star theme which adds up to the feel of the matches. It has a fully stocked bar and some famous grilled food that can be enjoyed with some must-have dishes like white sauce pasta, mocktails, and mojitos. It offers North Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Italian cuisine

  2. Pebble Street
    This bar has a chilled and dim themes ambience which makes it a perfect go-to place in summer days for those challenging must-watch matches in day time. European dishes and quaint English decor make you feel like you’re in a British house cafe. You can easily choose your vantage point to enjoy your team beat their rivals while exploring its vast menu of food and the bar.

  3. My Bar Headquarters
    Known as one of the most iconic spots to enjoy a match in Central Delhi, Connaught Place aka CP, this place is regarded as one of the best places to enjoy a live sports night. The place has large legendary sporting icon posters that blend with warmly lit sophisticated interiors. The signature snacks with a tower of beer (and a couple of refills) are highly recommended on every visit. Due to its location, the bar is often crowded on match days.

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