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Sunday, June 16, 2019

What Makes Japan a Great Destination for Your Next Holiday

The country which can easily be touted the technology capital of the world, is also a fabulous destination for holidays. Be it a luxury holiday or a budget holiday backpacker style, Japan has so much to leave you impressed with: its beautiful weather, advanced infrastructure and polite people, to name a few. Whether you are planning a trip to Japan in the near future or not, go through this list of FAQs to find out all the answers to everything you need to know about having an amazing time in Japan:
What is the best time to visit Japan?
Japan has beautiful weather all year round, so this really depends upon you. If you want to enjoy the cool fall weather, visit Japan between October to December. If you want to witness snowfall at its pristine best or even engage in some skiing, the perfect time to visit Japan is between December and February. However, the busiest tourist season is post-March, as this is when you get to witness the famous cherry blossom or Hanami, in bloom. To travel in this season, we recommend you make bookings in advance as hotels are usually filled to the capacity.
How do I get into Japan?           
Japan has a visa upon arrival policy for citizens of US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and most European countries. This visa is valid for a period of 90 days. If you intend to stay for longer or work during this period, get necessary permits in advance. For citizens of other countries, you have to visit the Japanese embassy in your home country and obtain a tourist visa in advance.
Where do I stay in Japan?
For an authentic feel of the local culture, we really recommend a stay in the traditional guest houses or Ryokans, which have been part of the Japanese culture for centuries and originated to allow travellers an overnight rest on their long journeys. If you want to experience living in the famous “pods”, we recommend you hit up one of the may quirky hostels that are all over the country.
How do I commute in Japan?
Japan has one of the most advanced public transport systems in the world, so taking the train is not merely for the purpose of convenience, but an experience in itself. To travel to many cities in the country, it is best to get a JR pass on the bullet trains, as this will let you take unlimited trips within those 7 days. You could also take the buses and ferries to experience the country like a local.
What to do in Japan?
We recommend starting your tour with Harajuku, Tokyo’s Youth culture fashion central. It has every global brand that is worth its money, as well as stores to shop for souvenir. If you are craving for some fresh sushi, head to the Tsukiji fish markets. If the budget fashionista in you likes used clothing, vintage, thrift and antique stores then Shimokitazawa (or Shimokita) is where it’s at. If you want your holiday to be more zen, head to Hakone for a beautiful view of Mt Fuji and Lake Ashi. Or visit Mt Takao for a spot of hiking and nature. Or even head to Izu or Enoshima for some beach vibes.
What do eat in Japan?
We have all heard of sushi and we love it, but Japanese cuisine is more than that. You could try the breakfast Natto (fermented soybeans with Bacillus, served on top of rice) once, and decide whether you belong to the group of people who love it, or the others who absolutely hate it. We absolutely recommend trying the Udon, which is a wheat noodles served with hot soup and yummy toppings like poached egg, green onions, shitake mushrooms and chicken.
With so many things in store and the polite, warm behaviour of the locals, Japan is sure to delight every single tourist. We hope this answered all your queries about Japan or at list made you put it in your bucket list!

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