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Monday, June 15, 2020

Iconic Places in Mumbai To Settle Your Food Cravings

In a city that has a fast-paced life can be a daunting place for many people and some might even be scared to visit the city because of the dense population. If you’re planning to visit Mumbai or have been to the city but haven’t tasted the food from these iconic outlets, then you are missing on the food culture of the city. Here are a few places that we have shortlisted for you to visit

  1. Naiman Point Khau Gali
    You can literally call it the snack street since it is flooded with a large number of roadside vendors. You find this in South Mumbai at Churchgate between Cross Maidan and SNDT college near Opera House. Office workers take their snack brakes here where they enjoy street dosas, chaat, Dabeli, and fresh juices

  2. Kyani’s, Lohar Chawl
    If you believe that a heavy breakfast is a must to work through the day or a good start to a relaxed and lazy weekend, then you must try their egg dishes, caramel custards, soda, and the cakes. You can also taste some of the quick bite food like keema Pav, chicken samosa and bun maska along with the Irani chai. The shop has been there for 100 years now

  3. Britannia & Co
    This is an Iranian cafe that has been running for the past 95 years and it’s no ordinary Iranian restaurant. You can find the best Mutton Berry Pulao here which is a must-order here. The berries that are added in the Pulao add so much flavour and they are imported all the way from Iran. You can also try other dishes like brown rice, salli boti, and raspberry soda

  4. Cafe Mendegar, Colaba
    One of the earliest and iconic cafes in Colaba, the cafe is popularly known as Mondy’s. The place has very positive vibes and is a must-visit to try their popular dishes like Prawns and Chicken Tikka, and Paneer Malai for the vegetarians. The place also serves alcohol like beer and wine and is a good place to be visited with your family and friends


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