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Friday, June 14, 2019

Must-Have Stoves for Your Next Camping Trip

For most backpackers, a stove is the most forgotten piece of camping equipment, simply because you can survive on packed foods throughout the hike. However, you can not deny the appeal of waking up to a cup of hot tea for coffee in the forest and feeling totally energised before starting your day. Either can you overlook the comfort of a hot meal after a whole day of trekking and retiring into a comfortable sleeping bag for the night. Now that the market is flooded with a variety of lightweight stoves, there is no reason you should not buy one and make your next trek that much better! Go through this list of our favourite stoves and take your pick!
1.       MSR Pocket Rocket 2: This lightweight stove weighs 2.6 ounces and is compatible with all screw-type isobutane canisters. It includes a built-in pot that can fit in many pots of different shapes and sizes. It comes with an adjustable flame control, which makes it safe and easy to use. It is this simplicity, effectiveness and versatility with different utensils that makes this stove a favourite with many.
2.       Jetboil Flash: This stove comes with slightly more intricate features. It comes with a stove, insulated pot with lid, stove stand, and a plastic measuring cup/bowl, which makes it your personal and integrated mini kitchen on your camps. It does a great job at heating drinks and rehydrating dry pre-packed meals, which makes it a hot favourite amongst campers. It is possible to light this stove with a button while a colour change indicator on the outside of the pot insulation cover lets you know when your water is hot. Apart from its amazing features, it is also very quick in terms of performance, which is perfect when you want to quickly grab some coffee before starting the day’s trek.
3.       MSR WindBurner: This is another complete canister stove system that includes an insulated cook pot, stove, stabilizer, and plastic mug/bowl. What we absolutely love about this model is its flame-less stove, wind resistance, and fuel efficiency, that make it super convenient to use in the outdoors, and add indisputable practicality to its performance. It has a completely enclosed heating element with an internal pressure regulator, which means no matter the weather and wind outside, your food will turn out exactly the way you want it. Capable of boil a litre of water in 4 minutes and 30 seconds, this stove is one of the quickest you will get in the market.
4.       Trail Designs Caldera Cone: This all-in-one alcohol stove system is super light, functional and easy to carry around and use. When you order this stove, you will also get a bunch of cooking pots, any one of which you can fit into the windscreen/pot stand combination. This stove is great for backpacking in higher altitudes as it is designed to perform in the lower oxygen/higher heat environment. For conveniently packing everything up in your backpack, the company also provides an alcohol fuel bottle, measuring cup, and a plastic caddy to fit everything in, so you can be tension free regarding any stove-related mishaps.
5.       Soto Amicus Canister Stove: Trust the Japanese to turn out finely engineered products every single time. While you may trust them with your money while buying a car, you will be surprised to see how well they have done with this small trekking stove. The stove comes with four pot supports which are permanently attached to the burner head yet fold down compactly. This unique feature makes them easy to store without the risk of losing the burner heads or causing damage to the stove. At only2.8 ounces, the Amicus is a very powerful 10,000+ BTU stove, that can simmer or boil, serving all the basic purposes you would need a stove for, in the woods.
These were our favourite camping stoves. Which one are you planning on taking to your next trek?

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