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Monday, June 17, 2019

A Handy Checklist of What to Pack for Your Next Backpacking Trip

You have read all the blogposts on the internet, taken expert advice from all the hiking pros in your social circle and made all the necessary preparations for your next backpacking trip. A couple of days before the trip, while everything else is set, you start with the real job- packing your bag. And here comes the big question: what to pack and how to pack? A lot of us tend to get into unnecessary details and end up missing a few of the essentials. We totally understand. Which is why we have given you a checklist of the top essentials you need to carry in your backpack for your next hike:
1.       Pack food in good quantity which will last you through the trip and in case you are travelling with a group, pack a little extra. Make sure to pack nutritious food which is light on the stomach. Focus on foods such as fresh fruits, cereal, granola, or trail mix. Packets of tuna or peanut butter are also a great lunch option and packed with protein to replenish muscles. If you want to make sandwiches, pack hard meats and cheeses, as they last better on the journey.
2.       Pack enough water to keep you hydrated and energetic throughout the trek. Do your research in advance regarding what drinking water sources are available in the course of the trek. If you plan on using fresh water from a stream, make sure you boil it for the appropriate amount of time first to kill off any dangerous microorganisms.
3.       Pack your sleeping bag in a waterproof plastic bag. The weather might suddenly change, and an unexpected downpour may soak your sleeping bag completely. Keeping a fresh trash bag is a great option to prevent this from happening.  Although many backpacks claim to be waterproof, it never hurts to ensure an extra layer of protection for a good night’s sleep.
4.       Get back to the basics with a map and a compass. In this era of Google navigation, not many of us know how to use a map and compass to get around. In the countryside where cellphone reception and internet is nothing more than a myth, knowing how to navigate with the help of elementary tools is a must for survival. Never put yourself in a position to experience what it feels like to be truly lost in the wilderness. The consequences can be risky to say the least.
5.       Our final word of caution: do not overpack. It may be tempting specially for newbies to toss in extra supplies in case of unforeseen emergencies. But the heavier your backpack gets, the tougher it is for you to carry it around and the quicker you will tire out. Remember, the bag may seem light right now but the more you trek, the more exhausted you will get and the heavier your bag will seem. Go light on packing clothes and do not carry heavy cookware.
This was our go-to checklist to turn to for backpacking trips. We hope you have gone through this and already started preparing for your next one. Happy hiking!

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