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Monday, June 17, 2019

Pack Light and Stay Warm on Your Next Winter Vacation

Packing for a winter vacation, or for a holiday in a cold place can be quite challenging, especially for beginners. How do you effectively decide between packing layers of clothing to survive the chill and packing light to keep travelling easy? Specially for travellers from tropical or warm areas, taking a winter holiday is quite intimidating because the unfamiliarity of the climate makes it that much more intimidating. Worry not, because we are here to help you figure out the basics of a winter vacation travel bag, so you can take on the weather in style!
Pack hats for warmth: This is one thing people tend to overlook. Instead of wrapping yourself up in bulky clothing, and then struggling to stuff those bulky clothes in the suitcase, an easy and lightweight way to stay warm is to wear a woollen hat that covers the ears, as it insulates the body warmth properly. Try to carry one without bobbles and flaps as these add to the weight.
Carry proper shoes: To keep your body heat trapped inside, it is important to keep your feet warm. For that we suggest boots or other shoes that cover your feet, are made of thick material; and always keep your feet warm. The material should hold up well in winter rain and snowfall, apart from keeping you warm. Take boots which are dark coloured, as they look great with winter clothing, and don’t show dirt easily. These should be your only heavy item of clothing in the luggage. You could pack in a pair of slippers to wear in the hotel. These two items should be all you carry as footwear.
Carry the right kind of gloves: If you want to be a smart traveller, think outside of fluffy mittens and huge, clumpy woollen gloves to protect your hands. Nowadays, you can easily get warm, waterproof and very thin gloves in the market. These will go a long way in preventing heat loss through your palms and will keep you warm without adding to your luggage weight. They are also breathable, so you can keep them on for the whole day even if the mercury rises a bit, without feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. Quick tip: look for ones that say easily drying and offer some grip.
Clothing: This may seem like the trickiest part of the packing, but it is not. From your existing wardrobe, pack long sleeve t shirts, woollen or fleece sweater and some waterproof jackets to go out in the rain or snow. Carry extra pairs of socks and underwear. An absolute essential for a winter wardrobe is pair of thermal inners which will keep you warm without adding to your luggage weight or making you look bulky. Invest in a good quality pair of thermal inners as it will last you for years.
Miscellaneous: It is a no brainer that moisturiser tops this list of miscellaneous items to carry for a winter vacation. However, do not forget to pack SPF as the UV radiation of the sun always hits us, even though it is less evident in the winter. Carry a lip balm with SPF. We also recommend carrying a deodorant, as this may not be an obvious problem, but some people do tend to sweat under the layers of warm clothing. Consider carrying polarised sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the wind and the sunrays in the morning.
This was our list of basic items we like to carry on our winter vacations to face the chill confidently, as well as travel light. The next time you are packing for a winter vacation, don’t forget to keep this handy!

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