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Monday, June 17, 2019

Top tips to Make the Most of Your Solo Trip

Travelling in a group can be a fun way to explore places and bond with one another, but if it is some soul-searching and unplanned exploring you intend to do, there is nothing as blissful as solo travel. However, travelling to a new place all alone can be intimidating when you think about the safety hassles and all the scary tourist scams that keep doing the rounds on news. Although, is it a good idea to not take a solo travel just because you are too scared? We say no. Prepare yourself for all situations, be prudent in your planning and explore all that is out there. Read on for a few handy tips to make your solo trip even more fun and safer:
1.       Look your most confident and calm self. Even if you aren’t feeling it, or have landed into a tricky situation, the key is to remain alert about what is happening all around and stay calm about how to deal with it. This will take you a long way. Losing your composure may attract unwanted attention.
2.       When travelling solo, it is a good idea to blend in with the locals to avoid getting targeted as a tourist. A smart way of doing this is to make a mental note of what the people around you are wearing and dress up similarly.
3.       Have a clear plan as to which is a safe destination to be in, every night. In the countryside or even in the suburbs of some big cities, petty crime is rampant. The best way to avoid it is to have flexible plans for the day but make sure to reach your safe destination before night.
4.       It is always good to have a plan B. Hotels may put up misleading photos on the internet. They may turn out to be totally different from your expectations. Or the neighbourhood might turn out to be at a poorly connected area. You might end up missing that connecting train. And that is okay. Always have a plan B or even C to fall back upon in such situations. Just knowing that you won’t be in a mess if one plan does not work out, goes a long way in maintaining your composure.
5.       This might sound a little too prudent, but it is a good idea to not get wasted on a solo trip. Avoiding alcohol will not only go a long way in keeping you away from unwanted incidents, but also save you the big bucks. Win-win, we say!
6.       Social media does come with its fair share of cons, but it really helps to leave a trail of updates when you are travelling solo. In case of any emergencies, you will be rest assured that your friends and family will be able to track down your whereabouts.
7.       Always make sure to leave after having your phone battery fully charged, and with enough balance in your phone. It is also a good idea to keep enough cash. We may have reached an era where plastic money rules the world, but it is always good to keep some cash on hand for emergencies.
8.       Another great way to stay safe is to take the most popular form of public transport if you are visiting a city. Not only does taking the public transport let you explore the city like a local and help you save some money, it is also much safer than taking cars and cabs everywhere as that may single you out as a tourist.
These were our top tips to ensure your solo travel remains safe, and the fun stays unlimited. Go through our list, pack your bags, and take the plunge!

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