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Monday, June 10, 2019

A Quick Packing Checklist for A Quick Vacation

After a long, gruelling week at work or school, does the idea of a quick weekend away sound appealing? Or did you just manage to get a few days off from work and are planning to head somewhere to quickly recharge yourself up? We understand the rush of excitement. But here’s the problem. Within such a short time span, when do you get time to pack and when do you even figure out what to pack? It does not make sense to carry a huge bag for a short holiday. But if you leave some essentials behind, you might ed up in a sticky situation.
 Packing light goes a long way. You can avoid the long queues at the baggage check-in counters in airports, there is no risk of your luggage getting lost and you may even end up saving some money on the check-in baggage fees. To help you keep your luggage limited to the essentials, you need to be clear about the basics as to where you are going, what could be your possible needs, and then pack accordingly. Be sure to check out our guide for some quick help!
1.       Decide on the luggage: If you are going to a city with paved roads, we recommend wheeler suitcases, special the ones with 4 wheels as these are easier to drag along for a long time. In other cases, consider packing your things in a duffel bag or a backpack. If you are heading to a tropical place, we recommend these backpacks be waterproof.
2.        Set aside the documents: These are absolutely essential as there is no replacement for them you could buy with money, if you end up forgetting or losing some. We also recommend keeping soft copies of all personal documents and bookings etc:
·         Passport/visa
·         Personal photo ID which is valid
·         Frequent flyer card and other loyalty program card numbers
·         Debit and credit cards
·         Health insurance cards
·         Travel insurance information
·         Reservations and itineraries
·         Hotel and/or tour contact information
·         Tickets (plane, train, bus, car, etc.)
·         Emergency contacts and important addresses
3.       Keep necessary medicines: You should always keep your personal prescriptions handy along with your medicines. Apart from this, what other medicines you might need depend upon the destination and weather conditions. A generic medicine box could include these:
·         First aid kit
·         Pain and fever relievers
·         Thermometer
·         Cold medicines and throat lozenges
·         Diarrhoea and constipation medicines
·         Allergy medicines
·         Antibacterial ointment
·         Multivitamins
·         Insect repellent
·         Motion sickness pills
·         Altitude sickness pills
·         Eye drops
4.       Zero down on gadgets: Carrying some essential gadgets on the travel like phone, camera etc is absolutely necessary. You might also want to carry your e-reader or headphones, to pass time on those long flights and bus rides. If you are headed to a beach holiday, we recommend packing these in waterproof bags. Do not forget to carry chargers for each of these. It is always a good idea to keep a powerbank with you, in case your phone dies out in an emergency situation. For international travel, an adapter is an absolute must. Remember to keep memory cards, SIM cards etc safely in a small and secured pocket.
5.       Pack all things personal: Finally, we are moving on to the real fun stuff. Wanting to look fabulous in pictures is good, but your choice of clothes and shoes should depend upon the weather conditions of your destinations, the activities on your itinerary and the cultural norms of the place. To make your travel wardrobe foolproof, research on these aspects long before you start packing. Your choice of cosmetics and makeup should also depend upon the weather and vibe of the place. Absolute essentials that we recommend are lip balm, sunscreen and aloe vera gel.
These are some of the things we look into before taking a quick vacation, so that our packing takes very little to no time, the luggage is not heavy, and we have not missed out on any essentials. We hope this guide will help you do the same.

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