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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Explore Sydney Like A Local

If you are in the mood to spend your vacation in of the of the most vibrant cities in the world and enjoy surfing in some beautiful shorelines while you are at it, look no further than Sydney.  The scenic beauty of this city will blow your mind, as will the World Heritage Sites, the buzzing life and the amazing food. Every locality of Sydney comes with its own perks. If you are wondering where to stay, this list will surely help you figure it out!

The Rocks: This lies north of Sydney’s Central Business District and on the harbour and boasts of numerous pubs and historic buildings.  The weekly markets are also a major tourist attraction. One of the top draws of this locality are the eateries along the waterfront. Dining in one of them is a different experience altogether. There are budget hostels which are actually old colonial buildings made into modern hostels with all amenities, so you can check them out. There are also a number of good mid-range hotels, so you are assured of good accommodation no matter what your budget is.

Surry Hills: Touted the fashion district of Sydney, this neighbourhood lies Southeast of the Central Business District. If the fashionista in you has shopped to her heart’s content, settle down to a delicious meal in of the unique dining houses (with creative concepts) that can be found all over this place. If you want to visit classy art galleries and houses that were originally warehouses, this is the place to be. For its massive artistic presence, this place is a hot with youngsters. Accommodation is a breeze in Surry Hills. You can choose from a number of budget hostels. Some even have breakfast options along with other amenities like late checkout, WiFi and fully stocked kitchen. There are a number of charming boutique hotels that come in the medium range of the price spectrum. These are located close to most bars and Oxford Street, so you are assured of easy connectivity.

Coogee: If you want to experience e the beauty of the Sydney coastline minus the craziness of the Bondi beach, this is the place to be. This quaint neighbourhood is located in the eastern part of Sydney, but you can easily get to the central area of the city with thirty minutes of commute. It is pristine and beautiful and the ocean here is calm to swim in, so you are assured of a relaxing stay here. If your idea of a vacation involves laidback schedules and a lot of chilling, this is the place to be. You can spend your time snorkelling near Gordons Bay or swimming in the rock pools at Wylie Baths. If you are craving for some fish and chips, you can definitely find some of the best in Sydney at Coogee.

While Sydney is a vibrant city, it is not intimidating or overwhelming. Any of these localities are sure to make you feel comfortable and welcome, so take your pick and have fun!

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