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Friday, June 14, 2019

Have You Included These in Your Caribbean Travel Bag?

You have imagined booking yourself on a Caribbean cruise for quite some time now. Finally, you have managed to do it, and now you can’t wait to soak in the sunshine, enjoy the gorgeous view of the vivid blue waters and sip on Pina coladas. But in the excitement of the cruise, have you given a thought to what you should pack in your bag? This is extremely important and we recommend you take your time, because if you happen to miss any essential items, your trip might end up in a huge disaster, and you most certainly do not want that. To save you from the last moment packing rush, we have put together a list of everything you need to carry for the perfect Caribbean cruise. Be sure to go through it as you start packing.
1.       Valid ID proof: If your cruise is visiting different countries, you will be asked for your passport at all the ports. If the cruise stays within the country, it usually suffices to take your birth certificate and another government-issued document. However, thoroughly enquire with the cruise company in advance to avoid last moment hassles. Do not forget to make scanned copies of these documents and keep them in your phone.
2.       Carry on luggage: While your main luggage is being delivered to your cabin, it may be a while before you can unpack and get settled in. We recommend carrying an oversized bag as a carry on, in which you can keep a change of clothes, a book and sunglasses, so you can get into holiday mode right away!
3.       Shoes: Slippers are a must for that easy, breezy feeling on the cruise. We suggest you also carry a pair of sneakers if you wish to participate in the onboard activities, or to get some workout in. These will also come in handy when you set out to explore the places where the ship docks. Pack in a pair of closed-toes formal shoes for dinners and formal events.
4.       Clothing: While loungewear is a no-brainer, most cruisers tend to forget the chilly breeze that blows in the evening. Factoring in the climate of the ports of call is a smart choice. Ideally, your clothing bag should consist of:
·         Underwear
·         Skirts/Trousers
·         Leisure shoes
·         Socks/stockings
·         Sweaters/sweatshirts
·         Hiking/athletic shoes
·         Undershirts/bras
·         Formal wear, where appropriate
·         Walking shoes
·         Sleepwear
·         Swimsuits/swimming trunks
·         Dress shoes (suitable for dancing)
·         T-shirts
·         Coats/jackets/rainwear
·         Sandals/flip-flops/water shoes
·         Dress shirts
·         Hats
·         Belt
·         Casual shirts
·         Gloves (depending on destination)
·         Tie
·         Jeans/pants
·         Scarves/shawl
·         Jewellery (minimalistic ones only)
·         Waterproof day bag
·         Umbrella/poncho
·         Purse/ wallet
·         Shorts
·         Laundry bag and kit (soap, stain remover)
5.      Other items: To record all your special moments on the cruise, we know you will definitely carry along a phone and a camera. However, positively pack their charger along with you. In your medicine bag, it is a good idea to keep medicines for nausea and fever apart from prescription medicines and a first aid kit. Last but certainly not the least, you must not forget to carry sunscreen and aloe vera gel at any cost. Skin damage on the sea can be very severe, and you might not get any respite till the ship returns. We also recommend keeping a wrinkle-remover spray to ease out the creases in your clothes, because there won’t be an iron on-board for safety reasons.
This is the basic list that we like to follow when we pack for a cruise holiday. We hope you keep referring to it when you pack for yours, and have the best vacation ever!

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