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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How To Plan Your Wedding & Honeymoon During The Coronavirus Outbreak

You turn on the news and hear, "Another positive case of Coronavirus confirmed."

Your heart sinks just a little bit more, as your wedding is not very far and you were just about to start shopping for your outfits. However, the severe outbreak of the virus has left you and many around you wondering if holding a big fat Indian wedding during this serious condition the safest bet to play.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, which originated from the city of Wuhan in China, has taken a considerable toll on the wedding industry. With people barely stepping out of their houses, even the tourism industry has hit a major bump. With couples shifting their wedding dates or postponing them, it almost feels like a safe idea for guests to skip many weddings that haven't moved the slot up or down at all. 🦠

However, not every wedding can be postponed or moved up. Many have booked their venues and vendors, and for many destination weddings, tickets and visas are all set to go.

If your wedding functions are around the corner and there is no time to cancel or postpone, then you need not panic. Now we cannot ask you to cut down on your guest list at the last moment, especially since the invites have long gone out to everyone. However, you can practice the following precautions to ensure that you, as the host, are trying to keep everyone safe:

* Place large hand sanitizers with pumps in every venue.
* Ask your venue manager (hotel, banquet, etc.) to sanitize the venue well before and after every           function.
* Offer use and throw masks for all your guests at the venue.
* In case your guests do not wish to wear regular masks for the function, you can always get                   designer masks made from them with the help of your wedding planner.
* Keep hand sanitizers in the rooms of all your guests along with health advisory notes so that they        also practice precaution.
* Always keep a doctor on call for any kind of medical emergency.
* Do not ignore any sign of illness in either yourself, friends or family. Even cases on basic flu                should be taken seriously and proper medical care should be provided.
* Ensure that there are dustbins everywhere and advise your guests to throw trash in dustbins and not      on floors.

But the best way is to postpone the wedding function for some time if possible & wish a healthy life for all.

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