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Friday, June 14, 2019

Why You Should Spend Your Precious Dollars in Bhutan

If your next backpacking holiday is going to be in a destination that is quaint, offbeat yet beautiful and buzzing with life, look no further than Bhutan. As of 2019, to maintain government programs providing free education, healthcare and poverty alleviation, the Bhutan government has announced that all tourists must pay a fee of US$250 per person per day (accommodation, transport in Bhutan, a guide, food and entry fees included) This change of policy has spurred a conversation amongst backpackers of the world whether a trip to Bhutan is even worth it, considering that this is a significant amount of money to pay, and these prepaid tours come with a loss of  flexibility, which is what backpackers seek the most in their trips. Let us take a look at why Bhutan is still worth your time and money:
Firstly, this price is inclusive of stays in 3 stars and if you luck out, a few 4-star hotels as well. After a few nights of back to back camping, we promise you these hotels will be a welcome change! The country is sparsely populated, the air is unpolluted, and the water is clean. Couple this with a breath-taking view of the Himalayas, and the way your soul will feel at peace is worth your money and much more.
Visit Bhutan in February and March to catch the mask festivals in Paro. Watching the younger generation celebrate their traditions in full gusto is truly heart-warming. This is the first carbon-negative country in the world, and in the plastic-festered world we live in, to stay and experience this is totally worth it.
Or let the Land of the Thunder dragon impress you a little more on your trek to The Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Paro Takstang). Located at the side of a steep cliff wall, legend has it that this location was chosen by a tigress who brought Guru Rinpoche (an important figure in the Buddhist religion) to the site to subdue a local demon.
If you want to truly experience the friendly nature of the locals, we suggest you try a homestay. Experience the most authentic version of the local cuisine, soak in a long relaxing traditional bath and wake up thoroughly energized.
If you want to see the rare takin, Bhutan’s national animal, head to the Motithang Takin Preserve in Thimpu. A must visit spot in Bhutan is its unique for-monastery Punakha Dzong, otherwise known as the “Palace of Great Happiness”. Apart from being one of the most picturesque structures in the entire country, the dzong itself features typical detailed Buddhist symbols and murals some of which depict the life of Buddha.
After all these zen activities, if you are craving for some high adrenaline adventure, try river rafting at Po Chhu. For some wholesome fun, you could even head to a local archery match and watch the locals enthusiastically cheer on their team or make fun of the other team to confuse its archer. This is a great way to unwind after a hectic day.
Does the promise of a foreign culture so vibrant, novel and colourful, and pristine natural beauty, call out to you yet? Then get started with packing and head over to Bhutan quickly. The only country in the world which measures growth by Gross National Happiness Index, is sure to leave you with a happy heart and a smiling face.

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