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Friday, June 14, 2019

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking

Backpacking is so much more than just seeking adventure in the countryside. If it is some soul-searching in the middle of nature that you are seeking, or some bonding time with your family, or even catching up with good friends over a fun-filled weekends in the outdoors, backpacking is the perfect option for you. We know the prospect of carrying your world around on your back and camping under the sky may sound intimidating for beginners. Not to worry, because we have brought to you the ultimate guide to getting started for your first backpacking trip ever:
1.       Start easy with a destination that is not too far away from home or too challenging. We recommend beginners to dip their feet int the water with some easy treks that take just a day to reach and return.
2.       Do your research diligently on the details of the hiking track. The exact stretch, what to expect in the track, nearest points of connectivity and all such other relevant details must be at your disposal before you start.
3.       If you are too scared to take the plunge alone, we recommend joining a hiking group. You can be rest assured that there are pros to help you at every step. You might even meet some fellow newbies to share your nervousness with, and if nothing else, this is a great way to make new friends! Plus, there is something about doing things in a group that takes your willingness and accomplishments to a whole new level.
4.       Next comes the stage of preparing yourself for the hike. We recommend you start working out regularly since a few weeks before the hike and focus specially on your core. Having a strong core is what will take you through the long walk with a heavy bag on your back, and it will also help keep your exhaustion in check so you can complete the hike without any difficulty.
5.       Going on your first ever backpacking trip requires some mental preparation as well. Train your mind to be alert, assertive and intuitive at all times. You can also practice pitching tents, lighting the stove, reading maps and familiarize yourself with other navigation equipment. It will also do you a world of good to learn basic first aid skills.
6.       Sunscreen is an absolute must-have. Even if the trail is covered by dense forests, remember that UV rays are everywhere. To avoid the risk of getting burned, carry enough sun protection in the form of SPF lotions and sun glasses. Sunglasses will do you the added favour of keeping your eyes safe from dust particles and stray bugs.
7.       Stay hydrated throughout the hike. Ideally, hikers should drink a litre of water every two hours. This helps to maintain the energy levels and regulate digestion, which keeps you healthy throughout the trek.
8.       Check the weather forecasts before deciding to set off on your backpacking hike. Your plan should be flexible enough to call off the hike if the weather conditions are unfavourable. Ideally, choose midsummer as the daylight hours are extended. 
9.       Choose your backpack and tent carefully as they can make or break the experience of your camping. Search sports stores as well as ecommerce websites for good deals on camping gear. Take your time to choose the right bag for you, as this is an investment. Hip straps are ideal and take a lot of weight off of your shoulders and back. Make sure it is sufficiently comfortable and don’t forget to pick equally lightweight tents.
10.   Choose a good quality sleeping bag, as some sound sleep at the end of the day is what will perk you up for the next day’s journey. We recommend synthetic sleeping bags for beginners, as they are easier to maintain, sturdier and stay waterproof in case there is sudden downpour.
These were our top tips to help you get started on your first backpacking trip. Go through the list and pack accordingly and get set to have fun!

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