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Friday, June 14, 2019

The Lightest Backpacks for Your Next Hike

Backpacking has been an obsession and a way of life for outdoor enthusiasts since decades now. Gradually, more and more gear started getting designed to cater to this section. The focus has slowly shifted to keeping all backpacking gear to a minimum possible weight, as it makes a world of difference. If you are one of those outdoorsy people I am talking about, you know what I mean. You also know that it is important to have a quality backpack that is durable yet lightweight. Imagine having to hike for miles with insane weight on your back, not because you have packed extra equipment but because the backpack itself is heavy. As a solution to this problem, the market is flooded with numerous backpacks claiming to be lightweight and durable. But which of these are actually worth your money? That is exactly the question we have answered in this list, so read on to find out!
1.       Gossamer Gear – Mariposa: Weighing a decent 2 lb 0.7 oz, this medium sized backpack has a good capacity of 60 L. It comes with a hip belt and saves you the money of buying another, so we feel its price is justified at $260. It is simple yet functional, with a number of external pockets and loops. The top-loading flap makes it easy to buckle down and also to adjust capacity based on how much load you are carrying. Some of the pockets also have zippers, so you can keep small items like snacks in it without the fear of those falling out.
2.       HMG - 3400 Windrider: Weighing in at a super light 2 lb 0.0 oz, this 55l backpack comes in a little expensive at $340 but is totally worth the price. Its lightweight performance is nothing less than iconic, and the carefully crafted design made with high-tech cubed fibre material maintains its durability and also happens to be the reason behind its light weight. An added bonus is that this backpack is waterproof and equipped with some other useful features like sternum strap whistle, removable aluminium frame 'stays', seam sealed hip pockets and a top loading roll top enclosure.
3.       Granite Gear - Crown2 60: Weighing at a minimal 2 lb 2.0 oz, this 60-litre backpack is one of the more affordable ones at $199.95. This minimalistic backpack comes with no fancy features and does its core job well, which is why we love it. There is a single roll-top main compartment. The exterior is also fitted with pouches and simple compression straps, so you can pack things effectively and carry them around easily.
4.       Osprey Eja 58: Moving onto something special for the gutsy outdoorsy ladies, this backpack is ultra-lightweight at 2 lbs. 10 oz. and designed for practicality keeping women in mind. It is as durable as any other backpack in the market, but also very comfortable to carry around. Equipped with a ExoFoam harness and AirSpeed ventilated suspension system, the weight is distributed evenly so you do not end up hurting your back carrying that much weight around; and the dual-access fabric side pockets with removable compression cord makes sure you can stash your water bottles and mini sunscreens safely. At $200.00, we would say this backpack is totally worth it.
5.       Sea to Summit Flow 35: Priced at $219.95, this waterproof and lightweight backpack is one of the latest offerings from the house of Sea to Summit which is making its presence felt in the field of backpacks in the recent years. This 35-litre backpack is good enough for a day’s hike. This bag is nothing less than 100 percent waterproof and thus is a great option for great bag for river guides, kayakers and even people in general who live in places that get a lot of rain. You can even test its quality by plunging it into water, which is what not a lot of of other backpacks can survive.
These were our favourite backpacks across categories. Based on your needs and budget, pick one and get started with exploring the world out there!

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