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Monday, June 10, 2019

Everything you need to know about going to Nepal

For backpackers and budget travellers, Nepal is a great destination to engage in sightseeing, adventure, spirituality as well as some self-discovery, all for a very minor pocket pinch. This is the reason why tourists find Nepal very fascinating. This quaint, small country at the foot of the majestic Himalayas is sure to steal your heart with its beautiful views and vibrant culture. The visa process is quite easy, and connectivity is good, so if you are in the mood to head to an unconventional destination for your next holiday, consider Nepal.
Go through these FAQs to get all the basic information that you need to have to plan an amazing holiday to Nepal, so read on!
When to go to Nepal?
According to us, late February to early March is the best time to visit Nepal. The weather is cold but not as cold as in December, so you can hike, but cold enough to keep the flocking tourists away so you can explore by yourself minus the crowds. An added plus is that the flowers are in full bloom during this time, so the photographer in you will have a great time.
How to reach Nepal?
The Kathmandu airport is well connected to all other airports. You can apply for a month’s visa which is the norm. A 90-day visa is also available.

What to do in Nepal?
The list of activities is endless. Start with the UNESCO protected Durbar square, which has a history of rulers and royalty. You could have a laidback day just wandering the streets, exploring the local temples or enjoying the delicious food and beautiful view from one of the numerous rooftop cafes. If you want to purchase some wooden handicraft or pottery, head to the medieval state of Bhaktapur and watch this cottage industry live in action. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, head to Lukla for a trek to the Himalayas or to Everest Base Camp or treat yourself to an unforgettable helicopter tour of Mt Everest. Next up is Pokhara, often described as ‘Goa in the Mountains’. This small and merry town is surrounded by mountains and full of bars where you can get good food, good company and cheap drinks. Spend a night here hanging out with fellow backpackers or go kayaking in the pristine white waters. This is also the place to try paragliding. Needless to say, Pokhara is the mecca of all merry adventure-seeking backpackers in Nepal.
Where to stay in Nepal?
There are many boutique hotels as well as budget guesthouses you could consider for staying in Nepal. For an offbeat experience, you could also try a homestay here. We always recommend haggling here to get the best deals on bed and breakfasts!
What to eat in Nepal?
Food is delicious and cheap in Nepal. IF you are not sure of your spice tolerance level or are too confused by the new food, we recommend starting with the all-you-can-eat style daal bhaat which is rice, lentils, potato and curry. Snack on some momos, which are dumplings filled with meat and vegetables or try the super filling Sel roti from a roadside food joint. Another favourite is the Gorkhali Lamb, which is lamb meat stewed with vegetables and served with rice.
These were the basic essentials you need to know before planning a trip to Nepal. We hope this inspires you to start packing your bags soon! Have fun!

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