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Monday, June 17, 2019

Everything You Need to Carry for Your Next Road Trip

Whether you agree with us on how legitimate pineapples are on pizza, there is something you will definitely agree on. Road trips are fun. A lot of fun. There is something about turning on the music, rolling the windows down and hitting the highways, that instantly gets the energy soaring. However, as hours pass by, the heat and the dirt set in, and hunger and thirst begin to make their presence felt. It is at this point you can save the day with your road trip survival kit, or let the spirit dampen, and watch the fun road trip become unbearable while you count moments till you reach your destination. Who wants the latter, really? We have put together a list of all the things you must carry on your road trip to make sure you are prepared for all emergencies, and the fun continues uninterrupted.
Driving playlist- Because nothing says road trip like a super fun and perky summer jam. Get your energy up and get driving!
Moisturizer: You never know whe the weather changes, or the AC dries your skin out. Always carry a moisturizer to avoid peeling skin.
Sunglasses: The sunrays will directly hit your eyes while in the car, which is bad for your eyes. It might also give you a headache. We recommend carrying sunglasses along. If you are driving, it is an absolute must as during midday, the sunshade flap in the car will not suffice.
Lip balm with SPF: This is a must to protect yourself from chapped, bleeding lips after exposure to the sun, dirt and heat. Carry unflavoured and colourless ones so that the smell does not give you nausea, and everyone can use it.
Cleansing products: Hand sanitiser is a must before eating or touching your face. To freshen up after a day in the humidity and heat, we recommend carrying a facial spray and cleansing wipes.
Extra clothing: Depending on the route you will be taking, carry a jacket or a summer coat to protect yourself from the sudden chill or the sharp heat.
Instant relief: Carry some basic medicines, like ones for insect bites, pain relief and nausea. It is a good idea to keep mint flavoured candy or gum handy, to reduce nausea in case you get carsick.
Water: Always carry a gallon of water handy. Hydration goes a long way in maintaining your energy levels.
Snack cooler – It’s a really great idea to keep a cooler within arm’s reach from the driver’s seat. With mainly fast food being available on the highway, it is a good idea to keep some snacks from home. Bring a mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods that you like to keep you interested (i.e. potato chips, whole wheat muffin, carrot sticks, candy, plantain chips, gum, granola bar, almonds, brownies). Store these in a snack cooler so they remain fresh and ready to be enjoyed whenever you want to munch on something.
Change of clothes: In case your clothes get drenched in sweat, or dirty, or you end up spilling food, or you just wish to freshen up, always carry a spare set of clothes and underwear in a duffel bag
Trash bag: All the wrappers of snacks and candy and empty water bottles go here. Avoid littering.
Power bank: In case your music or apps have drained the battery out, you need to still stay connected. Carry a power bank to avoid such situations for you and your companions.
This was our list of everything you need to carry to have the most awesome road trip of your life. I hope you start packing accordingly and hit the highways soon!

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