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Sunday, June 16, 2019

All You Need to Pack for Your Next Beach Vacation

With summer right here, raise your hand if you are dying to hit the beach at the earliest. We are, too. There is something so cheer-inducing about a long sunny day at the beach, surfing the waves or just relaxing by the coastline, listening to the sound of the water and feeling the nerves calm down. No wonder people all over the world look forward to beach holidays eagerly. However, it is all the more fun when you are properly prepared for the sun and the sand. In order to pack accordingly for the perfect beach vacation with your family, go through our guide:
1.       Sunscreen: This one is a no-brainer, still it comes first on our list because we are sure some of you will still forget to carry it to the beach! No matter how waterproof your sunscreen claims to be, it is better that you carry it to the beach and keep reapplying regularly to avoid sunburns, premature ageing and even skin cancer.
2.       Waterproof Dry Bag: First things first, you need to be ensured that your precious belongings and gadgets are safe while you are surfing the waves.
3.       Float straps: We live an era where we can not imagine life without our gadgets, and those selfies in the waves are an absolute must-take. To ensure that your new phone with its high-quality camera does not sink to the bottom of the sea, carry these floating storage straps where you can keep your devices safely.
4.       Underwater digital camera: Now this is an absolute must-have. What is a beach vacation without those underwater selfies and those rolling-around-in-the-waves videos? If you are planning to engage in some motorsport or scuba diving, pack an underwater camera the first thing. Remember, there is no other way you will be able to share updates of your vacation on Instagram.
5.       Beach mats: We prefer mats over beach blankets, because blankets tend to get blown around in the wind and end up with too much of sand. If soaked, they also take time to dry up. Instead, carry beach mats. They are light and dry quickly. Look for the ones that have pockets on the ends to store your belongings.
6.       Beach umbrella: You may use all the sunscreen but still end up feeling uncomfortable in the heat. We suggest you carry a beach umbrella and anchor it in the sand. Not only does it provide serious respite from the sun, but it is also spacious enough to accommodate your entire family.
7.       Cooler bag: What is a day at the beach without a steady supply of cold drinks and snacks? Pick a good cooler bag from your nearest supermarket, store some lemonade and salami sandwiches, and your beach vacation will be heavenly.
8.       Portable charger: After clicking all those selfies and making videos, it is quite natural if your phone dies down. Do not lose connectivity on the beach. Instead, always carry a mini portable charger to keep your battery alive.
9.       Swimsuit cover up: For all the ladies out there, sure you look cute in those printed bikinis, but once out of the water, we suggest covering up with a fun and flirty sarong to prevent your skin from getting excessively burnt due to sun exposure after the salt water.
1      Leave in conditioner: The humidity at the beach might cause an unfortunate situation with your hair (think Monica in Barbados). To avoid looking like a poodle in your pictures, carry a leave in conditioner that smoothens your hair and tames the frizz without weighing it down, so that no matter the weather, you look fabulous and Insta-ready, always!
This was our list of all the just-haves for a fabulous vacation or even a weekend by the beach. So, pack accordingly, and get ready to soak in the sun and surf away!

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