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Monday, June 17, 2019

A Handy Packing Guide for Your Next Tropical Vacation

A vacation in a tropical destination hits the sweet spot right in between relaxation and adventure. You are at perfect liberty to choose whether you want to lounge around by the beach, go surfing or embark on an adventure in the tropical forests. Most tropical destinations often have something interesting to offer for everyone. No wonder they are a hot favourite with most people. As soon as you decide on a tropical destination for your next vacation, the biggest question arises: what to pack? We have got you covered here. Go through our checklist of all the essentials you need to pack for a chilled-out holiday in the tropics.
1.       Documents: These are more essential than everything else as for other items, you can find replacements but without the necessary documents you might have problems in even reaching your destination. So be sure to stash these carefully before you start packing other things.

·         Passports
·         Visas (If needed)
·         Vaccination Details (If needed)
·         Flight Tickets
·         Itinerary
·         Boarding Pass
·         Hotel or Airbnb Confirmation
2.       Clothing: Plan your holiday wardrobe carefully. Choose cotton clothes to lounge around as the breathable fabric will be comfortable in the humidity. Also keep polyester and nylon garments for hanging out by the poolside or beach, as these fabrics will ensure that your clothes don’t turn transparent after getting soaked. Some essentials include:
·         Floral dresses, short shorts and tank tops for girls
·         Swimsuit or board shorts
·         Cover Ups
·         Socks, Underwear
·         Casual shirt/ tops
·         Dressy shirt/ tops (a few)
·         Loungewear
·         Hats
·         Flip flops or sandals
·         Sunglasses
·         Hiking shoes (if you intend to go trekking)
3.       Toiletries and medicines: Where the tropical weather is concerned, be prepared for rashes and sunburns or minor stomach upsets. To ensure that the fun continues uninterrupted, we recommend you pack medicines and cosmetics very carefully. The following are the basic medicines you need in the unfortunate event that you or any member of your group or family falls sick:
·         First Aid Kit (must include bandages, alcohol, antibiotic ointment and gauze pads)
·         Prescription Medications
·         Analgesic / NSAIDs
·         Antihistamine / Allergy
·         Antacids / Stomach Medicines
The right kind of cosmetics can go a long way in preventing and treating sunburns. Your toiletries kit must include:
·         Deodorant
·         Lotion
·         Facial Moisturizer
·         Sunscreen / Sunblock
·         Lip Balm with Sunscreen
·         All-Around Wipes
·         Makeup Remover
·         After Sun Lotion
·         Aloe Vera Gel
4.       Gadgets: For all of us these days leaving home specially for the holidays, without our beloved gadgets, is simply unimaginable. A significant part of the holidays will after all be dedicated to clicking those perfect selfies and recording fun videos, to share on social media or even to retain special memories of. We recommend carrying all gadgets in waterproof bags, because you do not want them to get soaked and then have to go through the hassle of recovering all the collapsed data. Few must-have gadgets for a tropical vacation could be:
·         Waterproof Camera + Charger
·         Regular Digital Camera + Charger
·         Smartphones + Chargers
·         Tablet + Charger
·         Extension Cord
·         Power Bank
·         Headphones / Earphones
5.       Miscellaneous: Once you are done packing the essentials, there are some extra items you could always carry. These include a portable water bottle to maintain your hydration level and also reduce plastic usage, microfiber towels for quick drying and a tote bag to carry all the beach essentials.
This was our list of all the basics you need to take on your next tropical vacation. Have you planned your choice of destination and started packing yet?

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