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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Top 5 Luxury Holiday Destinations

Is “work hard, play hard” the mantra of your life? Then travelling in style must come naturally to you. Even if splurging on a luxury holiday does not scream from your bones, we totally recommend you try it once a while. After all, we all deserve to pamper ourselves every now and then, don’t we? In the following list, we have handpicked top destinations across the world for you to visit and vacation in style. These places truly know how to cater to the high expectations of every luxury traveller. So, take a look, and put that hat on!

 1.  Tahiti

The locational exclusivity of this island makes it an expensive holiday destination. Nestled between Peru and New Zealand, this island is isolated from most places, and you need to let your purse strings loose just to be able to access it. Naturally, the stay options there all promise unparalleled luxury for the luxury-seeking clientele. You can relax in the beautiful overwater bungalows or have fun snorkelling in the turquoise waters. The cruise options are equally luxurious. There are a few resorts with private beaches, where you can soak in the pristine beauty of the seaside while enjoying absolute privacy. It is for good reason that Tahiti is a top choice for many celebrities.

2. Las Vegas

Let your hair down in the ultimate party destination of the world. You have heard all about the hip extra nightlife and the casinos. While it is true that you haven’t partied till you have partied in Sin City, this oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert has more to offer than just that. There are a ton of great eateries waiting to serve the foodie in you. If you are looking for a quiet vacation, or a day or two of zen after too much of partying, look no further from Vegas! Surprisingly, you will find several resort spas to help you relax. These come with many deluxe skin treatments, so your glow game is at the best for those nights when you are hitting the town!

3.  New York

In the city that never sleeps, one thing is assured: You will not run out of options to binge chill (no guys, no Netflix!). Head to The Pierre overlooking Fifth Street and the Central Park, or Mark NYC for a larger than life stay experience and world-class food. Head to Manhattan for some shopping or take your pick from the bunch of award-winning restaurants all over the city. If you feel the pocket pinch halfway through your luxury vacation, don’t panic! The Big Apple has enough budget eateries and destinations that will leave you spoilt for choice!

4.  South Africa

African safaris are right in the sweet spot between luxury travelling and adventure destinations. Expect private luxurious suits in this vacation, while you also get a chance to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Witness the “big game five” animals: African elephants, black rhinoceros, Cape buffalos, African lions, and African leopards or simply soak in the views of the sprawling mountains and lush greenery. Amp up the luxury with a private safari which you can highly customise to include Range Rover trekking, heli-touring, biking, and hiking. Or head towards the other destinations in South Africa: Mt. Kilimanjaro, Cape Town or Mozambique. It is for good reason that these safaris make it to the bucket list of almost every traveller.

5.   China

When the dragon is awake and roaring, expect no less than a full-blown luxury vacation. Much like its mammoth retail industry, China has quickly built a luxury vacation industry which can give any other global destination a run for its money. You can expect posh hotel brands from all over the world over here, in the highly modernised cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. Take the splurging a notch higher and shop in Shenzhen till you drop! China dishes out the best fusion of traditions and futuristic luxury.

These were some of our top picks from luxury destinations around the world. We hope you found out a destination suited to your taste and budget. Brace yourself to splurge some of that cash, and get packing for a vacation in style!

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