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Monday, April 15, 2019

Best Budget Destinations Around the World

When wanderlust strikes, it is only a matter of time before you dive headlong into travel blogs and videos, trying to shortlist a few destinations that your heart, and social media handles will feel blessed to find. The next step is to zero in on a location and adjust your schedule as per a tightly drawn-up itinerary. But wait, what if this perfect location falls out of your budget? Feeling that sinking feeling in your heart already? Do not despair yet. We have drawn up a perfect list of the most affordable holiday destinations around the world which have unparalleled joy and beauty to offer, without you having to worry about going broke:

1. Bolivia

This country may be the cheapest in South America but does not cheap out on offering fun experiences. You can expect decent accommodation at very low prices, and head to Copacabana by the Lake Titicaca to enjoy fresh trout cooked by locals. Board the ‘subway in the sky’ cable car to enjoy beautiful views from dizzying heights, take a walk in  Calle Jaen to witness the class and beauty of some colonial architecture, or simply take a jeep tour to Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. This amazing sight known as the world’s largest mirror is simply too beautiful to be missed.

2.  Cambodia

Cambodia is gradually becoming a global hotspot for adventure seekers on a budget. Choose from a wide variety of bed and breakfast lodges. You can even get luxury accommodations at very affordable rates here! Enjoy delicious chicken broth and noodles at affordable cafes along the street side, topped off with the warm hospitality of Cambodians. Embark on some soul-searching while witnessing the beautiful sunrise behind the iconic Angkor Wat temple, or simply spend your time getting around the 72 beautiful temples here. You can even purchase a 3 day pass to see all the temples, which comes down to less than 2USD per temple. Whoever said travelling was only for the rich?

3. Honduras

 Are you longing for a beach holiday but looking for a cheaper alternative to the Maldives? Look no further than Honduras, for the pristine beaches covered in white sand will make you feel exactly as happy. Accommodation as well as food is quite cheap here, so you need not fret about having to break the bank looking for some fun. Feel free to engage in some scuba diving or snorkelling at very affordable rates, or simply explore the bustling port of  Puerto Cortes, . Let the photographer in you take over in the beautiful towns of Omoa and Comayagua, or just enjoy a picnic in a local park with some traditional Honduran food from cafĂ© La Casa del Sandwich.

4.  Turkey

 One of the most diverse countries in the world, Istanbul attracts tourists from all over the world to the beautiful Mediterranean coastline and the refined artistry of the Islamic culture. The warm and friendly locals are always a plus. Sample some delicious street food at Balik Ekmek or revel in the novelty of the world famous Haggia Sophia, a 1,500-year-old complex used as a church by the Byzantine era and then a mosque by the Ottomans. For those of you who are not big on history, go aboard the traditional gimlet sailboat cruise. The village of Pamukkale is a must-visit for its thermal pools.

5. Thailand

 Touted as one of the most popular shopping destinations of the world, Thailand also makes it to our list as one of the best travel destinations for people on a budget. Shop away to your hearts content in the markets of Bangkok, or head to Koh Samui to spend some time in the company of nature. Enjoy the Thai hospitality as you dig into sumptuous food in local restaurants sprawled along the length and breadth of the country, or simply dance the night away in the famous beach parties of Chiang Mai.

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